Here we were! Our first trip of the year 2018 was a an awesome and freezing week in Berlin!

If you want to go to Berlin you can have a good time all year long, although if you go in january like us, you risk to get frozen hands and ears! So don’t forget to pack up all your winter clothes and many many layers for your kids! This was the first trip to Germany for Marsi (2 years old) and Mercuri (10months old) and I can tell you it is never too early to travel with your kids, Marsi’s first trip was to Nevado de Toluca, a Volcano at over 4680mt over sea level and his first flight was to Cancun, Mexico when he was just three weeks old and Mercuri like Marsi had their first transatlantic flight when they were just over 1 month old, so it is never too early to let your kids enjoy all your adventures with you!



This time it was «Abuela» who invited us to Germany! We are so lucky to have her in our lives and we are even luckier to have her strong to play with M & M and enjoy all this experiences together! GRACIAS for everything BELA!






We stayed at the Melia Berlin and it was a good choice as it is very well placed to visit the center of Berlin, within walking distance to Brandenburg Gate, Checkpoint Charly, many restaurants, and the main train station is just 2 minutes away so you can either take a taxi/uber like we did to arrive to the hotel or take the train to the airport like we did which is a lot cheaper and very handy when you have a double stroller that you don’t want to fold every time to get in a car.




Every morning I did my morning run as usual, and as I am still breastfeeding  I have to nurse Mercuri right before I leave because if he get’s hungry when I’m away, specially when he wakes up , nothing and nobody can calm him down so every run is a time trial run for the moment , and what I love of my morning runs is to get photos taken of me in touristic places with no much people or not people at all because tourists don’t usually wake up so early to go sightseeing, so a hint if you don’t want all your photos with a crowd behind and next to you, wake up early and go for a run!





Berlin has some very beautiful historical buildings as well as very nice modern buildings , many museums, galleries, monuments and we can see it is a «new» city despite it’s old history and I personally felt something… I can’t explain it in words, but I had mixed feelings , I was happy, enjoying with my family, feeling their love and feeling grateful for all we have and  I just wished all the people who suffered in there would have just lived happy moments…







We tried all the bretzels in Berlin and we can deffinitely say you will find the best ones in DITSCH! Mercuri loved them as much as I did , and it did help us keeping warm when we were walking  at -3ºc !!! 









We took the hop on and off bus and it is worth it specially when it’s cold and you have kids, but for me, the best way to visit Berlin was in the electric carriage, if you get a chance I definitely recommend you to do it!  We did the whole city and spent two hours , we stopped where we wanted to take photos and passed by where we just wanted to look a bit, M & M loved it and they fell asleep after a while but they did enjoy it so if you have kids don’t hesitate to do this, and if you have a stroller don’t worry about it, if our double stroller got in, yours will!




Our next trip will be PRAGUE! Stay tuned!






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